Certifications and a Service Offering of a National standard, delivered with a smile.

Performance Services

Tailoring perfection to your specific requirements

We provide the highest-quality service for your prestige and high-performance vehicle. Whether it’s light maintenance or major perfomance modifications or upgrade, we have the technical know-how to deliver.

Don’t let our friendly faces and locality fool you, Collins of Probus has years of mechanical mastery behind it and as such we can cater for 20 year old Peugeots and 2 week old Porsches alike. We see a lot of cherished cars, no matter how many arms and legs they’ve cost. As performance vehicle enthusiasts, we have had our share of high specification cars, and with each we have shown the up most respect and attention to detail to be found in the South West.

  1. Engine tuning
  2. Engine rebuilds
  3. Performance suspension upgrades
  4. Performance exhaust systems and CAT bypass
  5. Clutch / Prop / Driveshaft Replacement
  6. Electrical HiD conversion
  7. 4 Wheel laser alignment
  8. Diagnostics
  9. Air/Fuel filters / Fuel systems
  10. Welding

Standard Services

Keeping you safe on the road

We are responsible for a lion’s share of the Roseland’s day to day automobiles. Cars of all sizes, ages and capabilities come into our garage and we know as well as the next person that a lot of livelihoods depend on a family’s staple A to B vehicle. That’s why here at Collins we pride ourselves on being clinical and professional when it comes to servicing cars of any sort. It’s not hard to see the attachment written on people’s faces when they bring their cars in for a service or MOT. We take the upmost care of your pride and joy and do what we can to keep you on the road and safe.

  1. MOT’s
  2. Repairs
  3. Servicing
  4. Oil Change
  5. Fuel Filter Change
  6. Tyre replacement
  7. Light replacement
  8. Panel repair

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